MITAS Babyshow @ Vision Exchange

The first MITAS Babyshow for 2023 was held at Vision Exchange.

Due to the size of the venue, we had a smaller selection of members who joined it but it was a huge success, with several exhibitors and attendees expressing their satisfaction with the quality of the show and the connections made.

The show provided a platform for vendors to showcase their latest products, ranging from baby gear, feeding and nursing products, to health and wellness solutions for moms and babies.

For attendees, the show was a great opportunity to see new products and speak with the authorised distributors of the products. Parents and caregivers were also able to get expert advice on baby care from exhibitors and guest speakers, such as Zoe from Sleep Supernanny, Parcsen Loke from Centre for Fathering, and NLB reading sessions.

Overall, the MITAS Babyshow event in Vision Exchange was a huge success. It demonstrated the importance of creating spaces where small businesses can showcase their baby and maternal products and services, and speak with parents and caregivers. Thank you to exhibitors who joined the event, and the moms, dads, and grandparents who came to the event.

To visit the exhibitors for the event, see below: