SBROUT® 6-in-1 Baby Sleep Habitat System nominated for “Best Cot/Cot Bed Design” in Junior Design Awards 2023

Singapore’s leading children’s design brand, KIKI & SEBBY®, has earned a place on the shortlist for the prestigious Junior Design Awards 2023. The company’s innovative SBROUT® 6-in-1 Baby Sleep Habitat System has been nominated in the “Best Cot/Cot Bed Design” category.

The Junior Design Awards is internationally renowned for spotlighting the most creative, innovative, and inspiring brands in the world of children’s design. To be shortlisted is a notable recognition of KIKI & SEBBY®’s commitment to excellence, innovative design, and quality.

“The team at KIKI & SEBBY® is both excited and honoured by this recognition. We’ve worked diligently to ensure our products meet and exceed the highest standards of design and functionality,” said Dr Sharon Heng, CEO at KIKI & SEBBY®. “This nomination is a testament to our team’s unwavering commitment and dedication to providing the best for our customers.”

The SBROUT® 6-in-1 Baby Sleep Habitat System is the epitome of KIKI & SEBBY®’s innovative approach to children’s design. It is designed to evolve with the child’s growing needs, offering various configurations that serve the child from infancy through to toddlerhood.

KIKI & SEBBY® is very grateful for the support of their partners, retailers, and customers who have played an integral role in their journey so far. The company looks forward to sharing further news of the Junior Design Awards as it becomes available.