Introducing Morphée

Introducing Morphée – launched in 2018, with offline innovation that revolutionizes sleep with its three (four, but we’re selling three products, so I’m typing three here?) offline solutions, currently serving more than 1% of French households.

4 incredible years and over 500,000 delighted users!

The Morphée box – Offline innovation that reconciles thousands of people with sleep, offering 210 guided sophrology and meditation sessions designed by sleep professionals for easier and faster sleep, deeply and restfully so.

My Little Morphée – For the growing family, containing 192 soothing journeys, guided meditations and soft tunes to accompany children to sleep at night and helps finding calm during the day.

Morphée Zen – The meditation pebble to manage your stress in an instant. 72 5-minute relaxation and meditation sessions in on-the-move in companion, reducing anxiety and promoting better concentration in long term.

Morphée is distributed by MITAS Member FJ Benjamin Pte Ltd.